In December 2016 the insights team at Pinterest dug through a ton of data to identify the top emerging trends for 2017. And, it's official - the 'natural-looking' hair trend made the hit list with the no-heat hairstyles taking centre stage. In fact, natural hair is up 35% since 2015 and shag cuts up a staggering 188%.

So let's embrace those curls, start loving your (unruly) hair texture and make most of the time you'll save on low-maintenance styles.

Celebrities such as Emma Stone, Chrissy Teigan, Gigi Hadid have already jumped on the natural hair movement and the look was also seen all over the S/S17 catwalk shows at Michael Kors and Alexander Wang- just to name a few.  

So how do you nail the natural-hair look quickly, easily and with confidence? Well, the answer is by changing your haircare habits in just two easy steps:


OLD HABIT: Ditch Blow Dryers

Remember when skincare serums entered our lives and it was recommended that we include this vital step into our skincare routine after cleansing and before moisturising to get optimum results?

Well, now is the time to rethink your hair routine in the same way by adding an AQUIS hair towel or turban to your daily routine so you can protect and maintain the health of your hair.

Hair loses 60% of its strength when wet, due to keratin proteins absorbing all the water; hair fibres then stretch and rupture, causing frizz and hair breakages so it's important to get hair dried quickly. A blow dryer isn't the solution as hair regularly subjected to the heat causes even more damage and weakens hair.

Revamp your hair routine by washing hair and getting it dried quickly and safely with an AQUIS hair towel or turban. Then use a blow dryer to STYLE not dry.

Just like a serum is to skincare, AQUIS is to protecting the condition of your hair. It will soon become second nature.



AQUIS hair towels and turbans are made from an innovative fibre called AQUITEX, developed in a Korean lab, which wicks water away from hair rather than absorbing it. The woven structure leads to faster drying time, meaning hair reaches a damp level quicker, where it starts to regain its strength. Damp hair is also easier to style so you can literally wash, wear and go.


OLD HABIT: Ditch coarse regular towels and heavy bath towels
The rough movement of rubbing hair with regular towels causes friction and damage to the hair cuticles while heavy bath towels drag down your hair causing stress to the strands.



Swap to an AQUIS hair towel or turban and wrap which gently envelopes you hair in super lightweight AQUITEX. As the fabric wicks away water faster it means your cuticles and the natural integrity of your hair is kept in tact. By caring for cuticles your natural hair look will be frizz-free, smooth, shiny and healthier.

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