Q & A

Why Alexys McKenzie Loves AQUIS

Beauty Marketing Manager, Alexys McKenzie finds that most of her time is spent running from meeting to meeting so it's important that she can get ready quickly and that her hair looks good while she's on-the-go. When a friend recommended using AQUIS, she decided to give it a whirl. Discover why it's been a game-changer to her beauty regime.

Describe your hair type?
My hair is quite thick, long and coloured so it can be quite dry at times.

What is your usual hair routine?

I wash my hair every 3 or so days. I use a hair serum and typically let it dry naturally. I do straighten my hair line as it does tend to go quite curly (and frizzy!). Most weeks I straighten my hair a few times a week but I really don't like applying too much heat to it.

What is your most common haircare problem?

Frizz, for sure! My hair has a mind of its own. Sometimes it sits perfectly with lovely soft, beach waves and other days it’s a total nightmare where I have to spend 30 minutes trying to tame it.

What AQUIS towel are you trying?

Lisse Luxe hair towel

What do you like about the towel?

It’s decreased the drying time but quite a lot and it’s so soft and easy to pop into my gym bag. My gym only gives you one towel to use so it’s lovely to have a super soft towel dedicated to just my locks! It's reduced the frizz which is brilliant and I'm really happy about this. It's so much easier to style and I don't have to spend ages getting it straight with hair tools. I'm not good in the mornings and always find myself running late because of my hair, but now I even have minutes to spare thanks to doing with AQUIS. It's transformed my whole haircare routine. I just can't believe how great this towel is.

Would you recommend AQUIS to your friends/family

Definitely! It’s now my gym bag essential. I need to get some more.

Would you go back to using a regular towel?

No way! The fibres are much softer and therefore kinder to my hair. When your hair is already damaged it’s really vital to use something that cares for your hair - and THIS IS IT!