Daisy Carling-Rose

Editorial assistant Daisy Carling-Rose has had her fare share woes. When a friend recommended using an AQUIS towel to combat frizz and improve the condition of her she decided to give it a go. We caught up with Daisy to find out whether it was a game changer.


Describe your hair type?

Mid-length hair, very curly and average thickness - not thin but not hugely thick either.

What is your usual hair routine?

I usually use a hair mask around once a week or leave coconut oil on the ends for a couple of hours here and there. Then I wash with shampoo and conditioner and use a Moroccan Oil afterwards. I also use hair straighteners.

What is your most common haircare problem?

Frizzy and dry ends which is from bleaching combined with my naturally curly hair.

What AQUIS towel are you trying?

I am using the the Lisse Luxe towel, in Chevron Luxe.

What do you like about the towel?

I love that the towel is super lightweight and that it's the perfect size for your hair. As the towel dries your hair much quicker, it sped up my evening routine as I let my hair dry naturally. Most of all though, I noticed how soft, shiny and less frizzy my hair was when it dried, making it so much easier to style. As someone who suffers with dry, damaged hair this was the best part for me! The packaging is perfect too and I take it with me to the gym. Literally can't live without it now.

Would you recommend AQUIS to your friends/family

Yes. Definitely. Especially my friends with super curly or damaged hair. It's amazing how one towel can transform your life for the better.

Would you go back to using a regular towel?

Definitely not. I want my hair to look this good everyday. It's smooth, shiny and healthier.