About us

Thank you for visiting AQUIS. We are proud that our little company from Marin county California makes the world’s best hair towels.

Aquis was the brainchild of Britta Cox who has long blond hair worn in a natural beachy style. As an entrepreneur Britta was also super busy and always travelling so found it hard to keep her hair looking and feeling beautiful using conventional towels and dryers. Working with a Korean lab, Britta developed Aquitex, a uniquely absorbent fabric that wicks water away without the friction damage from rubbing your hair dry. Just wrap it up and Aquis does the rest. The rest as they say is haircare history. Thousands of women have discovered this little secret weapon. And as you’ll see from our ‘in the press’ section the story is spreading.

Suveen joined the team first of all by meeting and marrying Britta. After a career in marketing and building (and selling) a hugely successful mineral water business, Suveen had come to SFO to launch a tech business. It was Suveen that pushed AQUIS towards ecommerce, into rebranding and weaving hair science evangelism into the brand message. Suveen’s friends in London, Faizia ( creative director and all round creative superstar) and John (a bestselling marketing author) also joined the team because they loved the vision and wanted to help make it happen.

We are passionate about running a real business, which makes a superior product that has real benefits in people’s lives. We know from hundreds of reviews and messages from our fans that people love the results and also the time that AQUIS saves them every day. We have big plans to develop new products behind the same philosophy. And we are making headway with distribution in beauty industry leaders like Sephora.

We are also determined to keep AQUIS real, keep our feet on the ground, with a little grit between our toes. That (and a natural reluctance to part with our dollars) is why our upcoming ad campaign features Britta in a starring role. We are a small company not a giant corporation. So we can afford to have fun and not take anything (except gorgeous hair) too seriously. We’re also committed to doing our bit for the environment, treating people and partners well, mentoring up and coming women entrepreneurs. Not in a flashy corporate ethics way. But because it sits well with us to be that way and it’s our business and our way of life.

We’d love you to join us. To adopt our way of drying hair. But also join our little community. Be ambassadors. Even come and work for us? We are a small company and ultimately only here because of your support. So thank you again for visiting. And we hope to see you here again soon.

Love from
Britta, Suveen and the whole AQUIS team.