Why Aquis?

Aquis is leading the natural hair care movement with Aquis towels and other Aquis natural hair care products. Let Aquis show you the way to healthier hair.

Aquis microfiber hair towels are the ORIGINAL microfiber hair towel containing Aquis’ revolutionary Aquitex weave which transforms microfiber into a luxury towel fabric.

Aquitex has 4-7x the water-wicking rate than ordinary cotton towels, and increases your hair’s natural wicking properties while lowering friction and enabling faster hair drying with less frizz and hair breakage.

What is Wicking?

Wicking is the technical term for how water travels through a fabric. Aquitex fibres are very fine and come in a special weave that is designed to channel water and carry it through the fabric. A bit like a system of canals and waterways. Leaving the surface touching the hair to absorb more and more water. Whereas cotton towels get waterlogged and the water doesn't travel. A bit like a swamp. So well does Aquitex wick water that hair wrapped in an Aquis towel can dry fast on its own, with no need to damage your hair by rubbing it.

Why Does it Matter?

Hair is never so vulnerable as when it is wet. If you rub it at this delicate point you can do damage that no serum or shampoo can repair. Creating dull lifeless hair that is prone to frizz and breakage. And if you blast hair with a hot air dryer to dry it, you can do even more damage. Drying hair gently is the key. But this is only possible with a towel with incredibly high water wicking capabilities. Aquitex also ensures that your hair dries fast; because let’s face it – who wants to be a towel head all day?

Can You Get More Technical?

We thought you’d never ask. Unlike human skin, which is a living organ, hair cannot repair itself. So treating hair for optimum health and vitality requires understanding how to avoid damage.

First, the basics: Think of the outer layer of your hair (the cuticle) like tiles on a roof—overlapping layers of cells that provide a tight seal for the vulnerable middle layer (the cortex). When your hair is healthy, the cuticle has a smooth surface, and all of those perfectly overlapping layers reflect light, creating the appearance of shiny, normal hair. When the tiles are rough or damaged, your hair looks dull and lifeless.

So how can you keep the fragile layers of your hair intact? Heat styling and rubbing hair vigorously can damage the inner cortical layer, irreversibly threatening the integrity of your hair. Surprisingly, so can sitting around with wet hair. Because the innermost layers of your hair are incredibly thirsty), they soak up water and cause your hair to expand from the inside (as if the “shingles” were glued onto a balloon). If this happens repeatedly and for prolonged periods of time, the pressure can irreparably damage that all-important protective shield.

The secret to healthy hair, then, is drying your hair naturally—but as quickly as possible.

Aquis and Aquitex for stronger, healthier hair.