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@ofakind you weren't lying! This @aquishair hair turban just changed my life. #curlyhairdontcare 💁🏻 (@girlgiftgather, 2016) Reasons I ❤️ my aquis hair towel. My hair is healthier than ever 💁🏼 (@rokks, 2016) Have one and absolutely love it!! Need to get myself more!❤❤ (@imshelbyterry, 2016) I've been using this turban for a couple weeks now and it's gentle fabric dries my hair faster with way less damage than a rough towel...and I must say, I'm LOVING it more than my good old cotton t-shirt! (@nikiskyyy , 2016) 9 weeks using my @aquishair towel, my hair is healthier and much softer, I love it! (@fakeflowersreallove, 2016) Straight up, since I've been using your product my hair looks at least ten times better. Holds body longer, doesn't look limp, feels happier. Thank you for everything! The hair product search is finally over 😭😭😭💕 (ak_venture, 2016)

Aquis in the press

  • "Changing this one step in your hair routine will make a massive difference to the health of your hair."

  • "AQUIS makes the best towels I have ever used, hands down."

  • "For smoother hair that needs far less time under damaging heat tools."

  • "The Aquis Essentials Hair Towel – more specifically, the Lisse Luxe Long Hair Towel – has been in my styling arsenal for as long as I can remember because I’ve got long hair (and I do care)."

  • "The little step that makes a huge difference."

  • "Spoiler alert! Turns out the way you dry your hair is critical."

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Lisse Luxe may sound like the name of an ‘exotic’ artiste. But she’s the perfect towel for normal hair. Lisse Luxe also excels at curly hair, fine hair, damaged hair and any hair that needs gentle treatment.

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