A woman's head and shoulders, from behindHealthy hair can be hard to achieve, as well as being dependent on multiple factors (genetics, lifestyle etc). There are a few things you can do to achieve the best results for shiny and frizz-free hair. AQUIS is the first beauty tool engineered to dry your hair quickly, correctly and protect it from damage for you to enjoy healthy, shiny and manageable hair.

Follow these 10 hair commandments and you’ll see results in just three weeks...

  1. Thou shall towel dry hair (with AQUIS) to reduce damage to hair follicles. In a recent study*, 100% of participants agreed that after seven days of using the AQUIS Hair Towel, they noticed the towel felt gentler on their hair than regular ones. Hair is at its most vulnerable when wet, losing 60% of its strength due to keratin proteins absorbing all the water. Hair fibres then swell and stretch, causing ruptures. The sooner you dry hair naturally, the less it swells and stretches.
  2. Thou shall use a blow dryer only when hair is damp (not wet). 100% of participants* in the same survey agreed that they didn’t need to blow dry their hair for as long as usual after just seven days of using an AQUIS Towel. Bath towel drying together with using heat on wet hair are one of the key causes of hair damage. Using a hairdryer can dry hair quickly but the volume of heat actually adds to cuticle damage and hair breakage, especially when hair is wet.
  3. Thou shall reduce frizziness. When hair is roughly towel dried, the movement causes the hair cuticles (which make your hair shine and look full of life) to rub together, causing damage. Heavy bath towels also drag hair down, again stretching the hair in its most fragile state.
  4. Thou shall achieve better styling. After three weeks of use, participants found it easier to style their hair (90% agreed*) as it was more manageable (91%*), felt less brittle (90%*), looked shinier (88%*) and felt silky and lush (87%*).
  5. Thou shall keep my hands free. Simply wrap hair and leave the AQUIS Hair Towel to work its magic, meaning your hands are free to do something else.
  6. Thou shall take my AQUIS Hair Towel everywhere. 100% of participants agreed* that the towel is surprisingly lightweight, meaning you can easily fit one into a gym bag to ensure you don’t have to compromise on caring for your hair when on the go. The hair towels are made from a unique fibre, Aquitex, which wicks water away from hair, rather than absorbing it. The woven structure leads to faster drying time, meaning hair reaches a damp level quicker, where it starts to regain its strength.
  7. Thou shall treat my hair with care. After three weeks of use, you should find that you agree with 98% of participants* who said that they felt they were doing something good for their hair when using the AQUIS Hair Towel.
  8. Thou shall colour my hair less. 100% of participants* found their hair colour was still vibrant after 3 weeks of using an AQUIS Hair Towel and 91% of participants agreed* that their hair colour had not faded as much as it normally does since using AQUIS.
  9. Thou shall look younger. Achieve optimum results with minimal effort by switching to AQUIS. Gentler care of your hair, and the aesthetic results it brings (healthy, well-conditioned, less frizzy, nourished, shinier hair) led participants to feeling an average of 6 years younger.
  10. Thou shall recommend AQUIS to a friend. Spread the AQUIS love and join 97% of participants who would recommend AQUIS to a friend*.

*The Benchmarking Report AQUIS 21 Day Beauty Product Testing Final Report