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Feb 18 2016


  • Author: Claire Shillings

Meet Your Next Health Blogger BFF

On the cheekily named Fit Bottomed Girls blog, you’ll notice a word conspicuously missing from the site: “diet.” Committed to helping women improve their health through clean eating and lots of exercise, the three ladies leading the charge — Jennipher Walters, Erin Whitehead, and Kristen Seymour — aren’t into the deprivation game at all. Instead, they’re focused on inclusion, positivity and being real, setting themselves apart from much of the fitspiration that lives online. A refreshing outlook, don’t you think?

We chatted with Fit Bottomed Gal (and nutrition editor) Seymour about how she keeps her balance — mind, body, soul and yes, even hair. Meet this breath of fresh air and soak in her positive (and hilarious!) vibes.

Tell us a little bit about FBG and what made you want to join the staff.

Fit Bottomed Girls was launched by my partners, Jenn and Erin, in 2008 — and in case you didn't pick up on this, our name is a cheeky twist on the Queen song Fat Bottomed Girls. We share very similar philosophies about the importance of self-love when it comes to fitness and wellness, as well as a genuine desire to help everyone around us find their happiest, healthiest lives. Plus, we're in complete agreement on the amazingness of '90s workout jams, which really sealed the deal.

It’s a warmer, more inclusive site than typical mainstream fitness outlets. What's your team's goal with the stories you write?

I'm so glad you picked up on that, because that's exactly why the site came to be. We never want to be preachy — we want our readers to feel like they're talking to their best friend or cool neighbor who just happens to know a thing or two about workouts and healthy eating. So yes, I'm going to tell you about how amazing it felt to cross the finish line of a half Ironman, but I'm also going to talk about how freaking challenging the training was (and I won't shy away from potentially embarrassing topics like the chafing of, uhh, sensitive areas!).

There’s so much conflicting diet advice out there. What’s your nutrition philosophy, boiled down to just one sentence?

Focusing on a whole-food, plant-based diet makes nutrition much simpler — fresh fruits and veggies are never a bad choice!

Can you share the recent recipes or nutrition discoveries you're most excited about?

I can't choose just one recipe (you can find 'em all here!). But three things we’ve shared recently that I’m CRAZY excited about are this Hunger/Fullness Scale (because learning to listen to your body's cues will change your relationship to food), our 5-Minute Chocolate Meditation (and yes, I am telling you to go eat chocolate. It's for your health!), and fun ideas for doing a tasting party that's not just wine and cheese.

We've been thinking a lot this month about how to take better care of ourselves. When do you feel most healthy and happy in your own skin?

Yep, this is a topic that's always on my mind. I tend to find my flow when I'm able to organize my time really well, which often means that I'm fairly busy — too much downtime leaves me twiddling my thumbs. I'm at my best when I'm getting in a workout most days of the week, starting every morning with a healthy smoothie, getting creative in the kitchen a few nights a week, and — possibly most importantly — making time to meditate every day.

What's your go-to beauty routine? And how has that changed over the years?

I just celebrated a birthday (36!), so yeah, I've definitely changed it a lot over the last, say, five years. I always used a cleanser and moisturizer, but I wasn't as diligent about sunscreen and I didn't use an undereye product, and I now wish I had. I also spend more on specialty products designed to deal with specific issues, but I don't know how much of that is because I'm now a Professional Grown Ass Lady and can afford to do that occasionally, and how much of it is because I care more these days.

How about beauty icons? Whose look or approach to beauty do you really admire?

It's hard to say, because celebrities are working on a whole other level than most of us. They have access to amazing products and professionals and treatments, and they're still airbrushed in many of the photos we see of them. So I try to be careful about admiring how it comes about because that's not really my life, you know? I can't replicate what Gabrielle Union is doing to continue looking like she's 19 years old, but whatever she's doing, damn, it is WORKING.

A little birdie told us you're as obsessed with hair as we are (yay!). How would you describe your relationship with your hair?

My hair is fairly thin, but I have a decent amount of it. It's straight, but not sleek. As a kid, I hated it, and I remain convinced that if God truly loved me, I'd have a full head of amazing, curly hair. However, I've learned to — dare I say it? — dig what I've got.

We love talking down and dirty details about haircare routines. Will you share yours?

I generally keep it pretty cheap with shampoo and conditioner (don't judge — Herbal Essences seems to do the trick) with occasional deeper conditioning with Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask. I wash my hair as little as possible, but with longer hair, daily workouts, and — I suspect — going off the birth control pill, as I previously mentioned, my hair gets oilier faster than it used to, so it's usually every other day now.
I also use a small amount of Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream (I live in Florida, so keeping it hydrated keeps the humidity-induced flyaways at bay), focusing on the ends of my hair, and if I'm going for volume, I'll get some mousse in the roots. I'm not afraid of hairspray, either. When I'm curling my hair in loose waves, I spray a little on before I curl and then more afterward.
If I'm in a rush, my go-to style is a messy topknot or chignon, but if I have more than five minutes, I'm all about loose, messy waves with the ends left out for a little edgier finish. Also, I love hats — they look awesome and let me get another day out of hair that's getting a little nasty at the roots but still has the bottom going on!

Love it. Okay, fill in the blank. "Feeling good, for me, means…”

Being in flow and experiencing lots of love — both for myself and for others.