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Jan 22 2016


  • Author: Claire Shillings

These 5 Hair Trends Will be Huge in 2016

When hotly debating a new haircut or style, my mother always used to say to me, “It’s just hair! It’ll always grow back.” And while I did wind up with a seriously misguided set of blunt bangs once upon a time, that advice has stuck with me ever since.

It’s easy to take the comfortable way out and ask for the same “long layers” or “blunt bob” every time we head into the salon. But where to start if you’re ready for something new? Here are five hair trends pulled from our Pinterest boards that beauty editors and stylists predict will go bananas in 2016.

1. No-color color.

Photo: Jordan Zobrist.

Sometimes, the only thing scarier than picking a new shade for our hair is going — gasp! — sans any color at all. But in 2016, stylists and hair insiders (like these ladies at Bustle) are predicting an end to crazy colors and high-energy hues. Instead, opt for something closer to your natural shade. It’s like the no-makeup selfie for your hair — and it totally takes guts.

(And while you’re going natural colorwise, here’s some long hair inspo from our Hair Love board).

2. Big-time curl love.

In 2015, #CurlPower quickly became a favorite hashtag — and we don’t plan on retiring it anytime soon. With so much love in pop culture, media and now social media for curly girls, take this opportunity to put the straightener away and rock the hair you were #blessed (another favorite hashtag, btw) with.

(#CurlPower is just one of many hair truths we live by. Here are more of our favorites.)

3. The lob.

You’ve seen it; you’ve heard about it; are you ready to experience the magic of the lob (long bob)? This trend is sweeping hair salons around the country for one reason: it’s actually, well, pretty simple. No crazy lengths to deal with, no super-short layers to battle in the morning. It’s just a way to showcase the natural beauty of your hair. Give it a whirl and let us know how it turns out!

(More styling ideas on this Pinterest board.)

4. The crochet braid.

Big in the ‘90’s, crochet braids were back in a big way last year — and 2016 will be no exception, since they help protect and maintain natural texture while minimizing stress on hair. The lovely ladies of Coloures show us a few gorgeously glam options — including these braids by makeup artist and blogger Bee Wade.

(Um, talk about hair goals. Here are a few more.)

5. The sleek braid.

Boho braids have been our go-to staple for ages — and we’re certainly not ready to leave them behind just yet. Meet their super sophisticated cousin, the sleek braid. Whether it’s to the side or on your crown, this tighter (but not too tight!) variation on a classic is an easy, lightweight way to try something new.

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