The Wrap

Dec 21 2015


  • Author: Claire Shillings

This Blogger Embraced Minimalist Beauty — and the Results are Simply Gorgeous

Minimalist Beauty founder Dawn Michelle Manigault’s blog looks exactly as you might expect: clean, simple and absolutely lovely. A firm believer in the “less is more” mentality, Manigault’s minimalist journey started in the most unexpected of ways — she was $20,000 in debt, and needed to give up the consumerism that got her there.

So she pared down her life to just the essentials, embracing DIY products, a staple-based wardrobe and a seriously impressive commitment to healthy, natural beauty. Now, this professional dancer (what doesn’t she do?) and lifestyle guru guides her thousands of followers through the practice of living life a little more simply.

We caught up with Manigault to find out more about why she decided to say goodbye to commercial hair care, her DIY beauty routine and when she feels most beautiful. Read on to meet your minimalist spirit guide.


Tell us about your (very impressive!) approach to minimalist beauty. What compelled you to start living a minimalist lifestyle? 

Minimalist Beauty is all about finding peace with simple living, while enjoying its benefits in a chic and graceful way. I started writing it when I realized that my previous lifestyle of consumerism wasn’t bringing me joy, and had actually creative excessive debt in my life. I also wanted to avoid the toxic chemicals in beauty products, so learning to make my own was the best and most affordable way. Minimalist Beauty shares my journey with this process.

You were in a significant amount of debt that stemmed (at least partially) from style and beauty consumerism. How’d you realize you needed to make a change? 

When I got married, I didn’t want my consumer debt to be a part of our relationship. Minimalism showed me where my weaknesses were, and I was able to make changes from there. The process was very educating and extremely empowering!

We read that you switched up your chemical hair care products for herbal ones. Was that a tough transition?

Stepping away from commercial hair care has been an adventure. I’ve experienced a lot of trial and error as I tried different herbs, clays, oils and DIY concoctions. The amazing thing about it is that, after all the experimentation, I’ve learned how to care for my hair and keep it healthy with extremely simple ingredients and DIY recipes. I know exactly what my curls like and dislike very, very well. With more knowledge, avoiding chemicals in products became an important part of my healthy lifestyle.


What’s your beauty and hair routine like today? Take us through your morning!

My skin care regimen consists of oil cleansing with pumpkin seed oil and a microfiber cloth at night, and just washing with water in the morning. I wash my hair with an herbal hair wash and use a moisturizer that I make 1-2 times a week. I’m getting back into the habit of setting my curls in braids to avoid knots.


You’re also a professional dancer (busy lady!). What role does dance play in your life? 

Dance is how I breathe. I feel like I’ve been dancing all my life and hope to continue. Minimalism has only brought me closer to my passion for dance. Living simply rids your life of distractions.

What’s the most difficult part of living so minimally? 

I don’t find minimalism difficult, but more of a blessing. I don’t feel the need to keep up with others through materialism, and I’ve found my own voice in the process. It has saved me so much money, and I have more time for what I do love. I have the things I adore, and I feel very content.


When do you feel most beautiful?

I feel most beautiful when I’m laughing with my husband, dancing or in nature just being. Peace of mind is where beauty lives for me.


Check out Manigault’s DIY recipes and try them out for yourself over the holidays.