The Wrap

Nov 25 2015


  • Author: Claire Shillings

Giving Thanks for Friends, Family and...Good Hair

It’s that wonderful time of year when we put down our cell phones, step away from our desks, notice all that we’re thankful for … and then stuff our faces silly. But before we start counting the blessings around us this year, we wanted to remind ourselves to look in the mirror and appreciate the person staring back—in all her wacky, wild and uniquely beautiful glory.

To wit, we asked the women of Aquis what they love most about a part of the body that often gets overlooked: their hair. We hope you’ll give your strands a shout-out with some #hairlove this week, too!


"My hair is my crowning glory & always has been.... in my misspent youth it was an indicator of whatever teenage music culture I was crazily into at the time, from my Charlie's Angels Farah flick hairdo to my scary 80's "do it yourself at home" shaggy dog perm. Not forgetting my parents favorite neat & tidy graphic Mod/Ska inspired bob, to my new romantic lush mane of hair that was eventually shaved on one side and dyed with blonde streaks that then became orange not a good look! Thankfully in my more womanly years I settled upon a more natural look of letting my hair be, its my favorite thing as it has a life of it's own, from curly kinks to gentle waves it does as it pleases which suits me just fine, I only use Aquis towels for my hair & never ever use products.... It's all about keeping it real baby!"

Faizia Aga Khan, Creative Director


"What I love about being a woman is the way we can express ourselves through our hairstyles as we maneuver through our lives. We can make a strong statement just by our hairstyle and I’ve made a lot of statements, from my ‘80’s Farrah wings to a shaved punk style to changing color to match my mood. I’m happy I’ve finally settled on one that truly suits me (at least for right now!): simple, elegant, versatile and healthy."

Shawna Perloff, Director of Sales Operations & Customer Relations


“Being of mixed ethnicity, my hair is really special to me—I love that it’s a representation of my heritage and family. It’s also my favorite accessory; it’s low-maintenance and natural and I love that it changes depending on my mood and style.”

—Mylea Gacutan, Supply Chain Manager


“I’m thankful that my hair and I have a pretty good relationship. If I just keep it healthy and let it be, it doesn’t require much work or styling. For me, less is more. I don't over wash, so it doesn't overproduce oil or get dried out. I don't blow-dry very often or use hot styling tools (and when I do, I keep the heat level low and use only for short periods of time). I try to strike a good balance with most things in life, and that includes my hair!”

—Britta Cox, Founder & CEO


“I love that my hair has its own mind and personality (like me!). Every day, I have no idea what level of craziness it be throwing at me. But whether it’s wavy and natural, or stick straight (why does it do this?), it’s always exciting to see how my hair will dry naturally.”

—Lexi Ehrman, Digital Lead


“I love that hair is an extension of yourself; it can alter your attitude or simply change your look for the day. I have thick hair that stays styled pretty well no matter what I do to it, and I love that it has waves of red throughout that really speak to the Irish background in my family. If my hair is on point, I can rock any day with my head held high.”

—Monique Fontaine, Community Manager


 "My hair and I have a deal, we take care of each other. I give it love, regular deep treatments and gentle wrapping and it gives me back shine & health with just the right attitude."

–Helene Torsner, Aquis Europe, Business development.


"I am surprised that my hair just continues to grow. I'm sort of hair illiterate which gives me an options of keeping it to long, just because I can. I wear my hair mostly braided but when let out it looks like cape with extra ordinary super powers"

–Anette Nordvall, President, Aquis Europe


Is your hair defiantly unique? Quietly supportive? An extension of your wildest whims? Tell us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook what you love most about your locks using the hashtag #hairlove