The Wrap

Oct 16 2015


  • Author: Britta


Britta - Founder of Aquis

I started Aquis for a simple reason—because I believe beauty shouldn’t be complicated.

I’m a California girl who can’t get enough of the outdoors and the ocean. Though I love dressing up as much as anyone, I’m not fussy or formal. I’m happiest when I’m able to look and feel the best version of myself. And, for me, that comes from taking the best possible care of my hair, skin, body and soul.

So when I found myself rushed and stressed on mornings when I washed my hair, I had to find a better solution.  I worked with a Japanese company to develop a special fabric that wicks water out of hair faster, and more gently, than a regular towel.  And through my research I discovered something life-changing:  that how you dry your hair is one of the absolute most critical factors in keeping it strong and beautiful.

Fast forward to today, and I’m honored that thousands of women have joined me on this natural hair drying journey. They’ve told me that Aquis towels and turbans have helped their hair look and feel better, have given them more confidence, and have created a few precious extra minutes in their full lives. I couldn’t be more inspired by our community every single day.

Now, with the launch of our new blog and website, I hope to continue our conversation about a simpler version of beauty. Just as we’ve uncovered truths about hair drying, we’ll bring you tips and ideas for taking the best possible care of all types of hair—from morning ‘til night. We’ll seek out the world’s best experts and we’ll ask real women we admire to share the secrets that work best for them.  Our goal is to bring you the best possible hair and beauty information, and let you decide what resonates for you.

It’s all part of my passion for the joy of doing less. I hope you’ll join us!

Naturally yours,


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