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Apr 18 2016


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How Celeb Trainer Lauren Roxburgh Finds Balance

For an L.A. fitness and wellness guru to the stars, Lauren Roxburgh is about as geeky as they come. Trained in nutrition, physiology, pilates, yoga and structural integration (is there anything this woman can’t do?), the wavy-haired blonde is a muscle tissue expert who helps clients like Gwyneth Paltrow adn Devon Aoki get longer, leaner bodies via something surprisingly simple: a foam roller.

But for Roxburgh, feeling good is about more than looking camera-ready. And after chatting with her, we already feel more balanced. Read on for her biggest “aha moments” when it comes to wellness:

You’re not the kind of trainer one might find in a gym. Tell us about your wellness philosophy.

I’ve had a lifelong interest in wellness and fitness, which led me to study many different techniques — nutrition, physiology, Classical Pilates, yoga, and Structural Integration, which is focused on getting the body into correct alignment in all aspects. Based on my research, I’ve created a holistic formula that blends aspects of all of these to not just get you in shape but to transform and attune your entire body, mind, spirit and ultimately your life.

You've said that being your best self requires more than just exercising and eating well. What's the elusive extra element?

Emotional wellbeing, soulful self-love and acceptance — and not just saying it in our heads, but feeling acceptance of self in our bodies and at a cellular level. Even when we go through awful things in life like break-ups, losses, deaths, illnesses and betrayal, we can choose how we view the experience. Ultimately, finding balance in life means letting go of the small stuff, prioritizing love, health, laughter and nurturing your body and emotional well-being.

Your motto is “aligned body, aligned life.” What, exactly, does that mean?

Finding alignment in your physical body is the first step to aligning your life, connecting to your gifts, attracting your deepest desires and feeling like you are on your true path. Over the years, as I was so deeply studying the body, I realized many other things in my life were also coming into ‘alignment.’ I’ve seen it with hundreds of my clients, too. When we take time to really be in our bodies and out of our heads, magic happens.

Love it! You work with celebrities, professional athletes and well-known yogis. Have there been ‘aha’ lessons that you've learned from your clients?

I love working with professional athletes, especially, since they are usually so in tune with their bodies and incredibly excited to tap into deeper parts of themselves to give them a competitive edge. Likewise, celebrities — because they’re always in the public eye — tend to have a heightened awareness of their bodies and are willing to do the work to get the results. At the end of the day, your body is like most things in life — you get out what you put in. And if you take some time to restore, replenish and enjoy the process, the results will show from the inside out.

You live in Los Angeles, land of plastic surgery and perfect bodies. How do you define beauty for yourself?

To me, beauty is about confidence and feeling happy in your own skin. My philosophy is very much about balance. At the end of the day, happy and positive people are the most attractive and magnetic.

Who are your beauty icons?

Cindy Crawford is one, because has always owned her uniqueness and makes the most of what she has. Lauren Hutton, too, because she owned her imperfections and that is what actually put her on the map. Actually, her gap is what made her unique and even more attractive.

We love talking down and dirty details about hair care routines. Will you share yours?

My stylist is Ashley Streicher at Striiike and my colorist is Sarah Conner at Meche Salon. I wash my hair every three days to prevent damage. Beachy-wavy is my go to hairstyle, but I love a blowout from Dry Bar. I can’t live without their Dry Bar Detox spray.

Fill in the blank. "Feeling good, for me, means…”

“ ...Inner peace, being with loved ones, laughing, balance and of course, rolling — LOL."