The Wrap

Jan 30 2017


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As the 'natural hair look' starts to gain huge momentum as one of the biggest hair trends for 2017, we're seeing more and more people ditch harsh blow dryers and heated hair tools in favour of less evasive drying methods like air-drying.

We know that it's not easy to cut the cord from your heating tools especially as you've relied on them for all these years. But the truth is, too much heat is harmful to your lovely locks. Let us break us it down for you...

Hair is more vulnerable when it's wet. Keratin which is at the core of every hair strand has a terrible thirst, so the longer it stays wet the more the protective cuticles swell while the hair stretches. It might feel like a handy solution to grab a blow dryer to get hair dry quickly at this stage but using this method only adds to the damage. Blow dryers get the hair's surface dry but it also removes water that is bound to the hair. As a result, it harms the cuticles which become dry and brittle resulting in breakages. Just like your skin, hair needs hydration to keep it healthy and supple, by using too much heat from blow dryers you are effectively sucking the moisture out of it.

Flat irons and curling tools are another enemy. Using the intense heat from these appliances causes cuticles to crack at the edges. The worst thing you can do is use a flat iron to dry your hair as this causes bubbling on the cuticle. Think of it as tiny blisters on the hair that break and result in those pesky split ends.

Blow drying also triggers more sebum production which makes the scalp oily. This means you'll tend to wash and dry more regularly resulting in a never ending hair cycle that is damaging to each and every strand.

But don't worry help is at hand. As the old saying goes 'everything in moderation'. Don't over wash your hair, try and stick to 2-3 times a week. Rethink the purpose of your heated tools. Instead of seeing them as appliances that will get your hair dry quickly, think of them as actual styling tools. Get your hair dried to a damp stage and then use the flat irons and curling tools to style while limiting damage.

So how do you get your hair dry quickly, I hear you ask? AQUIS hair towels and turbans are made from an innovative fibre called AQUITEX which wicks water away from hair rather than absorbing it. The woven structure leads to faster drying time, meaning hair reaches a damp level quicker, where it starts to regain its strength. Cuticles are gently cared for so you can enjoy hair that is shinier, healthier and smoother.

That's not all...drying with AQUIS saves you valuable time and it's a lot less noisy than a blow dryer so you won't wake up your flatmates, family or baby so everyone will be happy.

But don't just take our word for it. In a recent study of which 107 consumers participated, 100% said that when using our Lisse Luxe Towel they didn't need to blow dry hair for as long as they normally did. After using the towel for 21 days, 90% said it cut drying time in half and 97% said that after just 7 days it dried hair faster than their regular towel.