The Wrap

Sep 30 2020


What's Your Nightime Sleep and Wellness Routine? We asked the AQUIS Team

Getting a good night’s sleep is on our daily To Do list as a MUST. Having a nightly self-care routine to transition from the busyness of the day right up to lights out can make all the difference between restless and restful sleep. We tagged some of our team to send us a few tips and pics from home sharing how they wind down and get ready for a healthy night’s sleep. We’re taking notes…

Additional easy tips to ensure restful sleep: 

  • Turn your screens off at least half an hour before bedtime, including the television, iPads, computers, and your cell phone (leave it another room if you can’t resist the urge to pick it up).
  • Skip the late night news, it's rarely good and can leave you tossing and turning.
  • Read a few pages of a good book, it can transport you to another place and quiet the mind.
  • Turn the lights out, close your eyes, and listen to your favorite mellow song in the dark.

Cleanse your body, relax your mind, quiet the noise, rest.