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Jun 15 2019


Whitney Kay Scott is HAIR STRONG

Whitney Kay Scott is a 28 year old wife and mother of 2, and fashion/lifestyle blogger, she is currently running for Mrs. Idaho America.

Hi Loves! I’m Whitney Kay Scott, a 28-year-old mother of 2 who likes to blog and share fashion and lifestyle tips every once in a while, but today I’m here to share my Hairstrong story.

Let me start by prefacing my struggle. Most of my life my hair has felt like my identity to me. If my hair was not blonde enough, long enough, curled just right...I didn’t feel confident in myself. I would always envy girls with long, blonde, luscious hair to the point where I drove myself crazy. What I realize now is... I have GREAT HAIR. We all do! So here is my Hairstrong journey and how I’ve learned to love the hair I was born with.

Let’s start from the beginning. I’ll never forget this haircut. This picture haunts me. I have thick hair, and just like any little girl, the pain of having your hair brushed as a 6-year-old is close to death, Right? My mom thought it was best to cut my hair off to save the screams. Little did she know, thick hair and short cuts don’t look good on everyone. Yikes. She had this picture hanging in the house until my high school years and I would try to take it off the wall and hide it when boyfriends would come over. How embarrassing, right? Thus began the start of my love/hate relationship with my hair. 

Fast forward to freshman year. Here I am wishing for my hair to be bleach blonde, straight as a board and down to my butt! Instead, I was too busy straightening it until the ends were fried off and doing skunk streaks of blonde, in hopes it would magically turn out the way I wanted. So still, I felt unhappy, and not good enough. Sigh. 

AGE 20: As soon as I figured out there was such a thing as clip-in life was changed forever. I wouldn’t go anywhere without these things stuck to my head. Such a hassle. I felt like I was living a lie. I didn’t want anyone to see me without them in. How silly, right?

AGE 27: I was sick of the hassle. My hair still wasn’t to my butt like I had planned and I was starting to see the NBR (Natural Beaded Rows) hair extensions make the rounds on Instagram. WHAT? I can have LONG BLONDE PERFECT HAIR THAT LOOKS REAL? I was hesitant from all the horror stories I had heard about how hair extensions could destroy your hair but these...these were new and I had to do it. Little did I know this would be my breaking point. Literally. I found a local gal that was a registered NBR hair specialist and had them put in. At first, I loved them. I felt beautiful, the feeling I had been longing for since my first disaster of a haircut. But then the nightmare set in.

The pain, the tangles, the snarls, the hours it spent just to brush out my hair became unbearable. With NBR your hair is attached by anchor beads. It was literally creating a hole on my scalp from the weight of the hair. There was a bald spot on each side of my head. I was horrified. And in pain. It was awful and all I could think is, ‘what have I done now?’ Keep in mind, these aren’t cheap.  

NOTE: NBR might be a great avenue for some that want to achieve longer hair, but from my experience it destroyed my hair.

I got them removed as quick as I could. I could tell something was different. My natural hair was broken off and way shorter because of the quality of hair extensions and matting that they caused. I was now left with bald spots and shorter hair. I felt naked. I felt back to my old way of feeling not good enough. 

Time went by and I started to realize that I had to embrace myself. No matter what I did, I wasn’t fixing my hair. I was masking the true issue. I needed to love ME, MY own hair, the woman God so perfectly created. This change in my mindset came from realizing how lucky I am to even have hair on my head. I had to stop dwelling on the negative aspects of my hair and comparing myself to others because I realized it was only causing my self-image to be destroyed. I had to start looking in the mirror and loving what I saw.

I started working with what I had. Yes, my hair doesn’t grow past a certain length but hey, I’ve got great thick hair that has body! Why haven’t I focused on that the past 20 years of my life? I’ve been using AQUIS hair wraps for years now and give them a lot of credit for the continual health of my hair, especially after the extension nightmare.

Self-love is certainly a journey and I don’t feel naked or less than if I don’t have extensions stuck in my head. This experience has also allowed me to teach self-love to my daughter. At 8 years old, she’s already asking, “Mom, is it weird that I am so skinny?” and saying “I wish my hair was curly like so & so’s hair.”  As soon as she starts with these self-doubt comments I try my hardest to stop her in her tracks and tell her what I love about her. As a mom I don't want her to go down the track I did when I was in high school. I think as mothers, fathers, friends we can all lift each other up. It’s human nature to want what we don’t have but we have the power to change that and be thankful and self-loving.

And what I am thankful for is that this journey has made me HAIRSTRONG. It’s made me more me. I feel free.

Whitney Kay Scott 

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