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Apr 10 2018


Why Do Terry Cloth Towels Damage Your Hair?

photo credit @whitneymadueke

Photo credit @whitneymadueke


Water and moisture are distinctly different things.  


Little known fact: healthy hair is naturally water-repellant.


How can you reinforce your hair’s water-repelling function? It’s easy. Keep your hair naturally moisturized and don’t over-saturate your hair strands with water and risk water fatigue.



You probably noticed a new term there – water fatigue. What is water fatigue, you ask? When you jump in the shower, your wet hair’s cuticles expand and your strands stretch. This allows water to actually penetrate your hair strands. As your hair dries, its cuticles contract.


The repeated expanding and contracting of your hair plus over saturation with water is called “water fatigue”. It can lead to breakage, disrupted cuticles, and dullness.  


The best way to keep excess water out of your hair strands is to reinforce smooth hair cuticles.



 There are several ways to maintain smooth cuticles. Here are two:


    1. When drying your hair, use a towel with a smooth texture so your hair does not catch on terry cloth loops and disrupt its cuticles.

    2. Remove water from your hair quickly.


The terry cloth towels that you use to dry your body keep water on your head so long that you risk saturating your hair strands and damaging your hair.


Drying your hair very quickly protects the integrity of your hair. AQUIS towels and turbans are made with a patented smooth-textured fabric that does not have cloth loops.



That means that AQUIS towels and turbans zap water away from your hair strands hair 50% faster than terry cloth towels that are made of loops. If you heat style, it also means less heat damage from your blow dryer.


When you use an AQUIS towel or turban to dry your hair, you can avoid exposing your hair strands to water saturation and water fatigue. Ultimately, your hair’s cuticles will be smoother, resulting in less frizz, less breakage and in stronger hair overall.

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