Waffle Towel


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Designed for short to medium-length, thick and porous hair, realise hair’s greatest health and beauty potential with our AQUIS Waffle Luxe Hair Towel. Specially engineered to address the fact that hair is most vulnerable when wet, AQUIS is made to correctly bring hair from wet to damp, quickly, evenly and without heat, priming it for styling in one simple step.

AQUIS’ unique AQUITEX technology consists of ultra-fine fibres that are smoother than silk, uniquely woven to create channels that quickly wick water away 5X faster than cotton towels without snagging cuticles or causing friction. The absorbed water is efficiently distributed across the towel, while continuing to dry hair at the point of contact.  This helps minimise the swelling and stretching of hair, protecting its integrity.

When used properly, the AQUIS Waffle Luxe Hair Towel creates zero friction, minimising frizz and damage, while improving manageability and styling. Best of all, the multi-tasking beauty essential shortens and simplifies the average daily routine, cutting drying time by 50%.

Great for short to medium-length, thick hair.

How to use

After washing, gently squeeze excess water from hair. Flip hair forward, wrap and tuck the end of the towel at the nape of the neck. Leave the towel on until hair is damp to the touch.

Generous New Size: 19 x 42in - 50 x 107cm

  • White
  • Moody Grey
  • Dream Boat Blue