The Wrap

Mar 12 2016


  • Author: Jasmine Firchau

Hair Tutorial: Braided Bohemian Bangs for Naturally Curly Hair

If your hair is naturally curly, treating it well and letting it shine is all you need to make a statement. But for days when you want a style that’s just a little more special, this simple Dutch braid keeps hair off your face while embracing your natural texture. (Bonus: it’s also a chic way to disguise growing-out bangs). We worked with stylist Rubi Jones to recreate these braided bohemian bangs from her book, The Art of Hair, for Birchbox intern, Bethel.

Here’s how to do it yourself:

Hair Towel
Tail Comb
Small Rubber Band


1: Wrap and Diffuse

Wash and condition your hair, then wrap it gently in a frizz-fighting, moisture-wicking towel until it’s about 50 percent dry (we used the Aquis Lisse Luxe). Apply your favorite moisturizing or styling cream, then diffuse your hair—starting with the top of your head, then moving to the sides, angling the diffuser downward. Once hair is almost dry, scrunch while diffusing or point the diffuser up from below your curls to add volume.


2: Part and Section

Once hair is dry, use your tail comb to create a deep side part, then grab a triangular handful of hair from the front that extends from the crown of your head to the middle of both brows. Then, separate the 1-inch section closest to your part (this is where your braid will start).


3. Braid and Gather

Begin the braid by dividing the section into three parts, bringing the back section under the middle, not over, and making it the new middle. (This is what differentiates a French braid from a Dutch). Repeat with the front section, keeping hair close to scalp.
Now gather another skinny, slice-of-pie section of hair from the bigger triangle (that extends from the center of your head to your front hairline), then add it to the back section of the braid, bringing it under the middle. Move your hands down your hairline so the braid travels down the side of your face. Keep gathering sections and braiding until you run out of hair in the triangle.


4: Fasten and Tug

When finished with the braid, fasten the end with a small rubber band. Working from the bottom up, tug at the sides of the braid to widen it and create texture. Use a Japanese hairpin to fasten the middle of the braid just above your ear.


5. Tuck and Finish

Lift up a section of hair at the back of your head, and tuck the end of the braid underneath. Use another hairpin to fasten it securely, and lay the curls over top (so you can’t see the end of the braid).



Stylist: Rubi Jones
Braid instructions: The Art of Hair
Photographer: Stephania Stanley
Model: Bethel Hailu Dejene
Studio: Hairstory