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Oct 06 2016


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Why Karla Reed loves AQUIS

We sat down with Karla to find out about her hair habits, her AQUIS experience, and whether or not our hair towels are a lifechanger.


What was your hair routine like before AQUIS?

I would wash my hair and put it up in a towel until my neck got tired or the towel got too wet. I would try to let my hair air dry as long as possible and then would blow dry it at the very end to help straighten it. After it was dry I would use a straightener to polish it off.  


What is your biggest hair dilemma?

About a year ago I went much lighter with my hair. I love the color but it has made my hair much drier and more fragile. I have to be very careful with it.


Which AQUIS towel/turban do you use?


I actually have both the towel and the turban. I use the towel right when I get out of the shower and leave my hair wrapped up in it while I'm getting dressed and ready. Then I switch over to the turban to either sleep in or do stuff around the house and yard. I find using both helps my hair dry even quicker!


Did we help address your hair dilemma?

Yes! Not using a regular rough towel has helped protect my hair from unnecessary damage.


Did it make a difference to your drying/styling time?

Absolutely. I am able to let my hair dry naturally for longer...cut back on the amount of heat I expose it to. I take the same amount of time getting ready but it's much healthier and safer for my hair!


Did you notice the AQUIS difference straight away?

I only wash my hair once a week so I noticed a difference by the 3rd time I used it.


What were your most impressed with?

How quickly my hair would dry and how much softer it was.


After taking the #3HAB challenge have you noticed a difference to your hair health?

Yes. My hair is much softer with out having to use products.


Would you go back to a regular towel?

No way!


If you were to sum up AQUIS in just a few words what would they be…?

The easiest most inexpensive way to save time and damage to my hair.


Would you recommend AQUIS to friends / family?

Yep. Already have:)


All photos by Jordan Zobrist of The Stripped Project